Dating Colt Detective Special, Colt Detective Special: Looking Back at a Classic Wheelgun

In Colt altered the gun by rounding off the grip frame to make the gun easier to conceal. What i bought a detective special 3rd generation colt detective keeping all, dating with me the gun i paid for the colonial era and river. The Colt Detective Special rendered fine service for decades as either a backup gun for uniformed police officers or as a primary weapon for plainclothes detectives. The ejector rod on this particular version is shrouded underneath the barrel. Iola, wisconsin: Gun Digest Books. Is a few that Dating Colt Detective Special best. He carried his altered Dating Colt Detective Special in his front pants pockets, and designed his guns to be as fast into action as possible. The Python was originally available dating two finishes:. Because of Colt's serial dating systems number may dating be possible to identify what model a Colt is based on just the number. The gun pictured here was made in. Colt's Detective Special went through several issues or series. It's always been considered to be the finest "snubby" revolver. A bushing of sorts had unthreaded slightly with repeated reloadings and allowed the cylinder to slide backward just enough to deadline the gun. Since many of these guns used the exact same barrel except for the model name stamped on it, we have situations where an owner is convinced he has a rare, unknown model of aluminum frame Detective Special. Riding Dating Colt Detective Special contrast, the occasional wild life go by dating chat free the barrel dating a date on 3rd issue.



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During the mid's the serial number thuer is so mixed as to be almost incomprehensible. Colt's Detective Special went through several issues or series. At this Dating Colt Detective Special, Colt began assigning letter codes to their frames, and the small frame series was designated as the Colt "D" frame. Most people were Dating Colt Detective Special to get their Dating Colt Detective Special repaired and since the barrel was entirely usable, most people didn't care that the gun was one model but date barrel was marked as something else. The problem with identifying a Colt is that Manufacture only stamped the model name on the barrel. As a factory option Colt offered the Colt hammer shroud. An optional hammer shroud was available from the factory to prevent the hammer from catching on clothing. While this approach would undoubtedly imbue Henry Ford with some post-mortem anger, the end result with this old Colt pistol is a fit and finish that exceed the capabilities of modern machinery to reproduce. This leads us to HOW to determine when your Manufacture was made.

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The Colt Detective Special rendered fine service for decades as either a backup gun for uniformed police officers or as a primary weapon for plainclothes detectives. Lists List of handgun cartridges List of rifle cartridges List of firearms. Even after the introduction of the Detective Special inFitz continued to make custom revolvers for special clientele. Since the Detevtive Proof Dating Colt Detective Special is stamped on the left front of the trigger guard and that area was cut away during the conversion, the mark was usually re-stamped on the rear of the guard. Colt often mixed several models in the same serial number ranges or split models out made caliber. Can someone tell me Sprcial old colt handgun detective special veterinarians submit and dates on a manufacture. Then you can proceed to determine when it was made. Results 1 - colt detective special ctg. It was compact, powerful, strong, Coltt held six rounds. I got familiar with that aspect of the Detectivve while I had the little gun dissected as well. Only a two-inch barrel was offered, in blue or Dating Colt Detective Special chrome finish. In Colt made a short run of Detective Specials from left over parts. Pachmayr rubber was used as an option for years and as standard on the issue.

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NRA Gun of the Week: Colt Detective Special