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Check it out in the new Movement Catalog. Date your Gruen using Style Numbers, described in the article below. I will work to get a couple of smaller tutorials or posts of historical material between now and the opening of the larger projects areas. Nov - Since it's Uhrej a Dating Vintage Gruen Uhren months since the last major update, the addition Dating Vintage Gruen Uhren the Gruen Map of Movements, part of the larger Gruen Movement Catalog project. Perhaps not Dating Vintage Gruen Uhren in the table, the graph visually shows which years Gruen made more watch models, or assigned more Style Numbers, than others. We found some Style Numbers were paired with different movement calibers, but the watch model remained the same. These catalogs show the highest Style Number in use for the year the catalog was published. NEW tools for dating your Gruen watch! Seventeen crystal catalogs were utilized in this project including those from the GS, Rocket, and Perfit companies. All of which has resulted in a greater refinement of the original "Cleves Chart. If a watch matched the advertisement illustration, that watch's Style Number was associated with the year of the advertisement. If information here was obtained from other sources, explicit permission was Grue.



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Use with caution, but use! How to identify these situations is explained later. Listen to ' The Accutron Show ' Podcast. The fonts are fairly large and the galleries work better in this mode. We hope that our contribution will help Gruen collectors learn more about their watches and perhaps motivate them to help piece together other missing parts in the Gruen puzzle. Aegler Factory You'll find them on the Serial Numbers page. One such method was provided by Gruen historian Jack Wood, an active Gruen Forum member, contributor, and Gruen researcher. Site cleanup It must be Dating Vintage Gruen Uhren that the dates we derived Dating Vintage Gruen Uhren Style Numbers are approximations, providing the earliest date a watch model was made. This is the standard Dating Vintage Gruen Uhren involved in collecting the basics. However, there are some instances, where the Style numbers were used for multiple models. The first column lists each Style; the numbers to the right are the movement calibers that are used for that Style. I use this date as a verification date.

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This date is an approximation of when the model of watch first went into production. Great for eBay sellers that need to quickly find movement Caliber Numbers for their movement listings! Here are the 3 different dates that Dating Vintage Gruen Uhren be found on a Gruen watch. Use this date to help find the correct model name of your watch. A plea to eBay sellers This happened most often during the early Curvex years when many of the Curvexes had a very similar shape. But, Grune for some, it is a great source of fun and fascination, as the process of dating a given Uhrwn often involves piecing nuggets of Dating Vintage Gruen Uhren together from far-flung resources. Find the movement caliber number on your movement. Staff online.

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